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Graphic Design Solutions by Robin LANDA

Graphic Design Solutions remains the most comprehensive how-to reference on graphic design and advertising for print and interactive media, intended to serve as a foundation for a graphic design and advertising design education.

Theory and applications are stressed with an instructive approach. Known for its thorough treatment of theory and major graphic design applications, this text provides hundreds of significant design solutions, which are models of excellence.

The more fine examples students see, the better students can understand what constitutes effective, creative solutions; outstanding work should imprint on students.



Graphic Design Theory by Helen ARMSTRONG

This book is an introduction to graphic design theory. Each selection, written in its own time and place across a century of design evolution, explores the aesthetic and social purposes of design practice. All of these writers were—or are—visual producers active in the field, engaged with the realities of creating graphic communication. Why did they pause from making their work and building their careers to write about what they do? Why should a young designer today stop and read what they wrote?

Theory is all about the question “why?” The process of becoming a designer is focused largely on “how”: how to use software, how to solve problems, how to organize information, how to get clients, how to work with printers, and so on. With so much to do, stopping to think about why we pursue these endeavors requires a momentary halt in the frenetic flight plan of professional development. Design programs around the world have recognized the need for such critical reflection, and countless designers and students are hungry for it. This book, carefully curated by emerging scholar and designer Helen Armstrong, is designed as a reader for history and theory courses as well as an approachable volume for general reading. Armstrong developed the book as graduate research in the Graphic Design mfa program at Maryland Institute College of Art, which has produced a series of collaboratively authored books. Hers is the first book from our program edited independently by a graduate student. Presented within its pages are passionate, intelligent texts created by people who helped build their field. These writers used their practical understanding of living processes and problems to raise philosophical, aesthetic, and political questions about design, and they used those questions, in turn, to inspire their own visual work as well as the work of people around them.


Learning Graphic Design & Illustration by Andrew FAULKNER, Conrad CHAVEZ & Brian WOOD

This book gives you an in-depth introduction to Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, two of the most widely used graphic design applications in the world. This book supports the Creative Cloud versions of these applications. Adobe Creative Cloud gives you access to the most up-to-date tools and features for all Adobe applications. Adobe Photoshop CC is the industry standard for digital imaging excellence. Its powerful image-editing features and intuitive interface make it easy to learn and simple to use for both beginners and professionals. Adobe Illustrator CC is the industry-standard illustration application for print, multimedia, and online graphics. Whether you are a designer or a technical illustrator producing artwork for print publishing, an artist producing multimedia graphics, or a creator of web pages or online content, Adobe Illustrator offers you the tools you need to get professional-quality results.