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This month's gift is '33 FREE ADOBE MUSE WIDGETS'

The package #2 includes the following widgets along with their brief descriptions:


  1. 3D ROTATE generates 3D effect and animate the text. You can rotate the text as you wish. Sometimes Muse itself generate the position of the widget a bit wrong but try to align it on your page. The widget has several options in the settings. You can write text and add colors.
  2. ANIMATE TEXT IMAGE FILL uses text as a mask and animate the image inside a text.
  3. ANIMATE TEXT UP & FADE IN allows you to animate text. Create stunning headings and impress your website visitors. The widget is really simple. There is no settings at all. Add the widget to Muse page, change the font, size and color.
  4. ANIMATED RIBBON creates cool animated ribbons and impress your site visitors.  The widgets settings are very easy to use. You can modify the widget as you wish. Add text, change the size and colors.
  5. ARROW PACK 1 BOLD allows you to make 12 bold digital arrows that can be recolored within Adobe Muse by using the "Glow" effect.
  6. ARROW PACK 2 HAND DRAWN allows you to make 12 hand drawn arrows that can be recolored within Adobe Muse by using the "Glow" effect.
  7. BACKGROUND POINTS adds a little interactive into your website. The settings are very easy. There are only three options in the settings. All you need is to add the widget into your page and change some settings.
  8. BLINKING BACKGROUND is to blink the color on mouse hover state. The widget is easy to use. All you need to do is to resize it and change colors.
  9. BLOW BUBBLES is to change the size of the widget and change the color of bubbles. It is easy to use.
  10. BOUNCE ARROW adds a big header background in your website. This widget shows the arrow which is bouncing. That way you can show your website visitors that they need to scroll in order to see the content of your website. There is no settings in this template. You can resize the widget as you wish. This template can only be added on dark backgrounds.
  11. BUTTON POINTER creates cool buttons with pointers. You can use this widget as a tooltip as well. The widget is easy to set up. Change the direction of arrow, background and text colors.
  12. COUNTER-UP is simplicity. There is no settings at all. Just drag and drop the Counter-Up widget into your Muse document. All you need is to create a “counter” class in Graphic Style panel. Animate any numbers and create stunning websites.
  13. CURSOR SHADOWS have only 2 shadow settings. You can change the color and make the shadow dipper. Play with this template and see how cool headings you can create.
  14. FALLING HOURS creates cool background with the current animated time in it. The widget is easy to set up. All you need is to change the background color and make full 100% width in order to make it work properly. The height you can change as wish. You can interact with the background by clicking and moving numbers.
  15. FLOATING TRIANGLES changes a background color or add a background image. In order to make this widget working properly, make 100% width of the rectangle. The widget fills 100% height of the browser window.
  16. FULL WIDTH HEADLINE allows you to create big headline which reacts on the browser window. This is very helpful if you create a website design without scrolling.
  17. GOOGLE ANALYTICS allows you to easily add Google Analytics tracking code into your Muse websites. You just need to create a free Google Analytics account and insert your Tracking ID into this widget. If you want to track all of your web pages, drag this widget onto the master page in Muse. Alternatively, you can track only individual pages, by adding this widget only to the particular pages of your Muse site. After you publish your website, tracking reports will be available to you on Google Analytics website.
  18. HOVER BLOCKS creates animated blocks on mouse hover state. Simple add an image to your website and resize the widget and set a quantity of blocks. It’s hard to predict how many blocks you have to set in the settings. Be patience and your website will be always remembered by visitors. You can also change the color of blocks.
  19. JELLY BUTTON is very helpful to attract new visitors to stay on your page or just for fun! The widget is very simple to use. You can set up a background color, border radius and animation speed in the settings.
  20. JUMPING LETTERS allows you to enter any text and make each letter of it jump. It’s very easy to use the widget. You can change the colors, size of the text, jumping height etc.
  21. MAKE ME DANCE allows you to animate letters on mouse hover state.  You can make letters bigger or smaller. The widget is really simple. All you need is to add it in your Muse page. Change the text and letter hover size in the settings and your widget is good to go.
  22. MODERN TEAM PAGE is very easy to customise. Free for both personal & commercial use.
  23. MOUSE SCROLL ANIMATION uses this widget on a big header backgrounds to show users there are some content below. The settings are very easy to set up. Change all colors separately they way to wish.
  24. PARTICLES BUBBLES EFFECTS allows you to create amazing headlines. This is the first animation effect of coming collection of headline effects. The settings are very easy to use.
  25. PARTICLES CONFETTI EFFECTS creates titles in your projects. Easily change the font style, size and colors. The widget supports responsive layouts.
  26. RAINBOW LINES creates crossed colorful lines which will definitely make your website unique from other websites. The widget is very simple. There is no settings the widget. All you need to do is to add it to your site and resize it.
  27. RANDOM TEXT creates animated text background. You can resize it as you want. There is only one option in the settings. You can change the size of the animated text in the widget.
  28. SHAPES BACKGROUND creates stunning background. The settings of the widget are very easy to use. Change the color of shapes and bubbles number.
  29. SIMPLE MOUSE SCROLL must need template. The settings are very simple and easy to use. You can change colors and resize as you wish. Make it small or big to match your design.
  30. SMOKY TEXT creates a flying/fading text. Duplicate the widget if you want to create several flying words. The widget is very easy to use and customizable. Maximum quantity of characters are 10. Use your imagination to create cool headings.
  31. STARFIELD creates animated starfield sky. You can also use this widget in a different way by changing color of the background.
  32. TEAM SHOWCASE helps you to create team staff with short descriptions or social profiles links. Easily add and manage images, short description and position in your company.
  33. TEAM TABBED BOX WIDGET is a clean design of Adobe Muse tabbed box template. The tabs is easy to customize.